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The Story Behind Andrew Huberman’s Tattoos & Why He Hides Them

Andrew Huberman’s tattoos serve as a tangible reflection of his internal emotions and beliefs. Each tattoo holds a unique significance, from full sleeves to personalized pieces like his dog’s portrait.

Discover the intriguing reasons why Andrew Huberman chooses to conceal his tattoos and the deeper meaning behind his inked expressions.

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✦ Andrew Huberman’s tattoos and the caution against getting them young
Andrew Huberman’s tattoos are a literal expression of what he feels on the inside
He cautions against getting tattoos at a young age, sharing his own experience of starting at 14 and doing them at home

✦ Andrew Huberman got his tattoos from the influence of the ‘Yahtzee Guys’ in the punk rock scene.

  • He admired the full sleeves of the ‘Yahtzee Guys’ and aspired to have them himself.
  • His tattoos include full sleeves, a chest piece, neck to wrist, and some personal elements like a picture of his dog and paw.

✦ Andrew Huberman wants to focus on teaching, not himself.

  • He believes the tattoos are a distraction from the information he’s teaching.
  • He aims to make himself less prominent and let the information take the spotlight.

✦ Andrew Huberman hides his tattoos for a professional image.

  • Tattoos were not accepted in the past, especially in work environments like surgery or medicine.
  • Preferences around tattoos have evolved, with some people now preferring professionals to have tattoos.

✦ Andrew Huberman hides tattoos out of formality and respect for the audience.

  • Hides tattoos to show formal and consistent manners.
  • Tattoos are personal and not very interesting, mainly birds and favorite things.

✦ Tattoos can alter perception of faces

  • Tattoos on visible areas can affect how faces are perceived by others.
  • Consider the impact of tattoos on areas like face, neck, and hands.

✦ Throat and face tattoos can alter a person’s look significantly.

  • These tattoos can disrupt the natural processing of the face, making it challenging to orient around the person.
  • Andrew Huberman supports individuality and living life freely, without harming others, despite his personal preferences.

✦ Andrew Huberman’s life mission is to teach biology’s beauty and utility.

  • Liberty and independent freedom are important to him.
  • He emphasizes the importance of being thoughtful about permanent cosmetic changes.


Why does Andrew Huberman conceal his tattoos? 

Andrew Huberman chooses to conceal his tattoos during teaching and public speaking to maintain focus on the content and to uphold a professional image.

What kind of tattoos does Andrew Huberman have? 

Andrew Huberman’s tattoos range from full sleeves to personalized pieces, including a portrait of his dog, and each one holds a unique significance.

What inspired Andrew Huberman’s choice of tattoos? 

Andrew Huberman drew inspiration from the ‘Yahtzee Guys’ in the punk rock scene, admiring their bold full sleeves, which led him to adopt a similar style.

How do Andrew Huberman’s tattoos reflect his personal identity? 

His tattoos symbolize both personal identity and a connection to a subculture, serving as a tangible reflection of his internal emotions and beliefs.

Does Andrew Huberman’s decision to conceal his tattoos affect social perceptions? 

Yes, Andrew Huberman acknowledges that tattoos, especially on visible areas like the face, can drastically alter how a person is perceived, and he opts for a discreet approach to avoid disruptions in social interactions.

What is the deeper significance of Andrew Huberman’s concealed tattoos? 

The concealed tattoos represent a narrative of balance between personal expression and professional decorum, showcasing the deeper significance of his inked artistry while emphasizing thoughtful decision-making and respect for his audience.

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