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How do I open / close Arvin
Click the icon in the upper right corner of the page
Where can you use Arvin
Where can you use Arvin
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Digital Ad Copy
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How to Use Arvin on All Websites?
🤔 What is Video Summary?
Video Summary is a feature that enables Arvin to provide video summaries for YouTube content. It can be accessed through the Video Summary Panel while watching videos. In addition to providing regular summaries, Arvin can also highlight key moments in the video and provide their timestamps.
what is video summary in arvin
🤔 What is Web Summary?
Tackle lengthy articles, blogs, essays, and documents with ease. Arvin can summarize them within seconds, providing you with key insights.
what is web summary in arvin
🤔 What is Gmail summary?
Is your inbox overflowing with emails, leaving you no time to read them all? Arvin has you covered. It swiftly summarizes each email, making it a breeze for you to respond with a click.
what is gmail summary in arvin
🤔 What is Quick Actions?
Translate, explain, summarize—take any selected text from a webpage and process it effortlessly using Arvin. You can even use your own prompts.
what is quick actions in arvin
🤔 What is Search Enhance?
Search Enhance can display Arvin's responses alongside normal search engine results when you search, providing more comprehensive and accurate search results. In addition to providing regular responses, Arvin can also summarize the search results or suggest relevant questions that you may be interested in. Search Enhance can be triggered automatically or manually, depending on your preference
what is search enhance in arvin
🤔 What is Sidebar?
The Sidebar contains two core features of Arvin: Chat and Compose.By using Chat, Arvin can answer any question you have, engage you in contextual conversations, and provide writing inspiration.With Compose, Arvin can help you effortlessly create copywriting. Simply write down your ideas and insert them with a click.
what is sidebar in arvin
🤔 What is Compose?
Jot down your thoughts and seamlessly insert them into any webpage with a single click. Whether it's composing an email, brainstorming blog post ideas, or crafting a bedtime story, Arvin makes it effortless.
what is compose in arvin
🤔 What is Chat with PDF?
Arvin's intelligent identification system extracts key information and generates concise summaries, helping you grasp the essence of documents. Plus, it can answer questions based on the document content.
what is chat with PDF in arvin

Frequently Asked Questions

Arvin is your AI-powered ChatGPT assistant, a browser extension that saves time and money. It offers ChatGPT responses on Google, summarizes YouTube, blogs, and docs, and interacts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gmail. It translates into 25+ languages.