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Instantly translate any webpage Into 50+ languages

Arvin AI Web Translator effortlessly translates any webpage with a single click, helping you overcome language barriers and quickly understand the content.

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How to Use Arvin AI Web Translator?


Click Web Translation

Click "Web Translation" in the floating pop-up window.


Translate Instantly

The translation results will be displayed next to the original text.


Change More Settings

Change the language and other options in the settings


Why use web translator from Arvin?

Accurate, immediate, and user-friendly translations that erase language barrier.

Professional result

Trust in the professional-grade translations guaranteed by our advanced AI technology.


Translate entire webpages in less than a second, streamlining your reading process and boosting efficiency.

Immersive experience

View original and translated text on the same page so you don't need to constantly switch between pages and tools.

Online free trialarvin

Frequently Asked Questions

Arvin is compatible with Chrome and Edge browsers, allowing you to translate web pages directly in your browser. We plan to expand support to more platforms soon, so stay tuned.