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See This Review: Learn Why Flirtycupid Is A Scam Not Real Or Legit

Are you tired of falling victim to misleading online dating platforms? Look no further, as we delve into the shady world of In this blog, the YouTube video exposes the deceptive tactics used by Flirtycupid, uncovering fake profiles, hidden Terms and Conditions, and computer-generated messages. Let’s start!

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YouTube Summary of This Video

✦ is exposed as a scam.

  • The reviewer created an account and checked the Terms and Conditions page.
  • The site attempted to hide the Terms and Conditions page.

✦ admits to using fake profiles

  • This section of the video highlights that the website acknowledges using fictitious profiles
  • The profiles are associated with the website hosts, who work for the website

✦ uses fake profiles to deceive users.

  • Users are tricked into thinking they are interacting with real women.
  • Purchase of membership upgrade and time is required to interact with these fake profiles.

✦ Flirtycupid uses fake profiles for entertainment purposes only.

  • Profiles on Flirtycupid do not represent real people, living or dead.
  • Flirtycupid hosts fake profiles, referred to as ‘hosts’, which are created by the site.

✦ uses computer-generated messages from fake profiles.

  • Users receive instant messages or emails from fake profiles on the site.
  • The video creator received three fake messages, including a question about a last meal.

✦ uses fake profiles and computer-generated messages

  • Many men may be excited to see super hot girls on the website, but these profiles are fake
  • The messages on the website are computer-generated and not from real women

✦ creates fake profiles

  • The website creates fake profiles to deceive users
  • Viewers are encouraged to share the video and ask questions about Flirtycupid

✦ Real local women seeking casual hookups

  • Explains where to search for real local women.
  • Suggests checking the lower part of the video in yellow text for more information.

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