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The 35 Best GPTs of 2023 (Weekly Updates)

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is revolutionizing the world. Now GPTs are coming. So, what are GPTs? Which ones are the best? In this article, we will explore 23 of the best GPTs. 

best gpts

What are GPTs?

GPT are customized versions of ChatGPT. So, with a GPT you can create with specific goals. For example, GPTs can teach you the rules of chess, how to solve a chemical equation or it can design a painting for you. The point is that you can use it in work, for a project of your own, or at home. 

You don’t need to know coding to build your custom GPT: simply give it instructions and extra knowledge. You can choose what it does; from creating a beautiful work of art to academic research. In brief, your GPT will do what you need it to do. Visit to try it out.

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How to build your own custom ChatGPT with OpenAI’s GPT builder

Since it launched, ChatGPT has been revolutionising the world. OpenAI is now a tool to create your ChatGPT-based application. You can build your own useful GPTs in seconds with OpenAI’s built-in GPT. Note: Building custom GPTs will be available to ChatGPT Plus and enterprise users.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Custom GPTs.

The 23 best GPTs of 2023

Genz 4 meme

“I can help you understand the latest jokes so you can stay in the loop”. 

“Genz 4 meme” helps people understand the mysterious slang of Gen Z. When a user uploads a meme, the AI explains why GenZ finds it funny, it analyses the slang so users can get the joke. “Genz 4 meme” is essentially a trend translator; it helps people from all ages to connect with comedy.

Math Mentor

“I help with math, if your kids need to study, I will be the best tutor for them, helping them every step of the way to achieve their mathematical potential.”

Math Mentor helps parents to get their children to understand math. It asks questions so it can establish where the weaknesses are. It then guides the student through these weaknesses. As a result, Math Mentor provides users with tailored tutoring: it gives clear explanations and step-by-step solutions.

Moreover, AI focuses on user engagement. It encourages the parents to ask questions and express doubts. If the parents do this, it will help the AI to understand the user’s needs. But the AI can make accurate assumptions, prompts and questions that are suited to the user even with low engagement from the parents.  

Math Mentor’s personalized guidance enables the parents to support their children’s math learning.

Data analysis

“Hello, I am here to analyze and visualize the data”.

This GPT offers users a platform for data analysis. In fact it will also support both text and image inputs with tools like Python environment and file browser. What’s more the Python tools can execute code on an interactive platform called Jupyter notebook environment. In brief, this platform excels at writing, executing, and sharing code. In addition, you can use file browser to do file searches, open documents, and find the key information.

Lastly, the data analysis and image input are the defining features of this GPT. In fact, data scientists frequently use this technology.

Creative Writing Coach

“I’m here unleash your inner writer.”

These GPTs inspire people to write creatively. Moreover, the AI is well-read in all literature. The writer can give their poetry or prose to this AI. Then the AI will give helpful feedback. Consequently, you will get past writer’s block. So if you want to pump out content for a blog, write a novel, or write an epic poem, this is the tool for you. Perhaps you will gain an impressive audience of readers. 

Sous Chef

“Together we can explore the culinary world”.

Sous Chef trains you in the kitchen. It has culinary knowledge like no other. What does it do with this astonishing knowledge? It passes it onto you, then gives recipes tailored to your tastes. Sous Chef asks you about your likes, dislikes, and cooking ability. 

It generates pictures so you can see the end goal before you begin. Once you’re happy with the recipes, it will give you a shopping list. The ingredients are on platforms like Instacart or Amazon Fresh. Soon, you will be exploring new recipes and cooking what you love.

The Negotiator

“I’ll help you on the negotiating table.”

The Negotiator will train you in the art of persuasion. Once you master this art, you can put your interests forward clearly in whatever situation. Simply state your aim: once it knows your aims it will create an effective negotiating strategy. It creates negotiation scenarios. Then it gives strategic feedback to help you practice your negotiation skills.

It, of course follow ethical principles: it does not provide advice on immoral practices. Nonetheless, it tailors its advice, so the advice is relevant to your situation.

Tech Support Advisor

“I am tech support – I will give you step by step instructions so you can fix your tech problems.”

Tech Support Advisor will communicate with you in a friendly tone. It will encourage you to ask any questions. This AI assistant will provide you with clear solutions. It will be dependable in the presence of users. It won’t just solve your technical problems; it will give friendly help.


“Have a deadline coming up? Don’t worry I will be your Research Assistant; I’ll wade through the corpus of 200M articles, journals, and books.”

ScholarAI improves the efficiency of scientific research. By default, it presents four research papers filtered from scientific databases. It does this to maintain breadth and depth of information. Consequently, ScholarAI links each paper for easy access.

Firstly, it can summarise information. Secondly, it can explore related research areas. Thirdly, it can perform in-depth PDF analysis. Fourthly it can access the necessary information from the literature. 

ScholarAI’s comprehensive tools streamline the scientific research process. These tools make it easier for you to access the necessary information. This saves time, and increases productivity. 

GPT CodeCopilot

“Transform your coding with CodeCopilot (CC). You will get step-by-step guidance and precise code solutions”.

Code Copilot (CC) specialises in software development. There are many reasons for this; beginning with the fact that it can effectively deal with programming problems. It also answers software development questions. Furthermore, it provides code and pseudo-code. It handles user-pasted code, uploaded files, and links to related code/documentation. It does this whilst following user requirements.

The answers are short, direct, and friendly. You will receive the best support and advice on programming. 


“I will listen to you as a compassionate companion would.”

TherapistGPT takes the existentialist approach to therapy. What does this mean in practice? The existentialist approach believes that as humans we must accept our freedom and our responsibility. We must continually reinvent ourselves since the purpose of existence is constantly changing. 

TherapistGPT’s questioning may help you understand yourself. The AI cannot always find natural language. This is because the TherapistGPT uses upload documents as the primary sources. This is to avoid speculative information.

Game Time

“From knowing no poker, you will become the master of the card table. I can teach you how to win monopoly, find luck in cards, and strategy in chess!”

Game Time teaches you how to play in any game of your choice. The explanations will be simple and clear. This is because Game Time customises the answers to age and experience.

Moreover, Game Time can interpret meaningful storylines, avatars, and teammates. It uses its interpretation to devise a strategy. As a result, Game Time will give you the best strategic advice. 

Game Time, when interacting with users, ensures that game elements are accurately described. If it finds any inaccuracies, it will correct them. 

Laundry Buddy

“Let me help with the laundry”.

Laundry Buddy wants you to have the cleanest results. It has a vast pool of data on washing machine settings, removing stains, and doing laundry efficiently. Furthermore, it will give you tailored advice to your specific laundry problem.  Ultimately it will free up your time, protect your clothes and allow you to do more enjoyable things. 


“I take the wisdom of successful businesspeople, digest it, and it give back to people who want to learn the art of business.”

CEO GPT is a mentor for start-ups; it covers all stages of business. It knows the biographies and shareholder letters of Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. So then the AI takes this knowledge and turns it into business advice. 

It gives effective advice to start-up companies on how best to market their product; be it content, goods, or services. This invaluable advice draws on the experience of the most successful business moguls.  

The CEO GPT is a consultant. Its advice is effective, but it cannot guarantee absolute success. Each situation is different. People should think about the advice before making any decisions.

Interview Coach

“I give practice interviews and feedback.”

Interview Coach offers two modes: practice mode and mock interview mode. Practice mode gives feedback during the interview. Whereas mock interview mode only gives feedback once the interview is over. 

Interview Coach also simulates roles specific to the interviewer. This is based on the resume, job description, and type of position. It then provides professional feedback in the appropriate areas.

In either mode, it gives helpful feedback that will help you get your dream job. 

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