100+ Rizz Pick Up Lines to Spice up Your First Game

100+ Rizz Pick Up Lines to Spice up Your Flirt Game

Looking to add some fun and excitement to your flirt game? Look no further than our ultimate collection of over 100 Rizz pick-up lines!

Whether you’re chatting up your crush or sparking a conversation with someone new, these witty and charming lines are sure to make you stand out.

So, grab your phone, get ready to flirt like a pro, and let’s dive into the world of Rizz pick-up lines!

100+ Rizz Pick Up Lines to Spice up Your First Game

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Best Pick Up Lines with Rizz on TikTok

  • “Can you help me because I think my phone is missing something… Your number.”
  • “Are you mixed? Because you’re half fine and half mine.”
  • “Are you a beaver? Because ‘dam’ you look good.”
  • “Are you YouTube because I want you-to-be mine.”
  • “If being attractive was a crime, you’d be locked up for life!”
  • “My mom said sharing is caring, but I want you all for myself.”
  • “So when’s the wedding? Whose? Ours.”
  • “I think there’s something wrong with my eyes. I can’t take them off you.”
  • “I’m writing an article on the finer things in life, and I was hoping I could interview you.”
  • “Funny, I just became an organ donor… I didn’t think someone would take my heart so quickly.”
  • “Do you know any real estate agents? Because I’m trying to make a move here, but I need some help.”
  • “Kissing is a love language. Want to start a conversation with me?”
  • “Are you my grades? Because you’re bad AF.”
  • “I wasn’t planning on meeting anyone tonight, but seeing you changed my plans entirely.”

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best rizz pick up lines
best rizz pick up lines

Unspoken Rizz Pick Up Lines

  • I got us sushi for dinner tonight, but that’s not the only thing we’ll be doing raw.
  • Kissing is a universal love language. Want to start a conversation with me?
  • You’re so magnetic! My zipper is falling for you.
  • You look like the scariest haunted house because I’m going to scream so loud when I’m inside of you.
  • Can I buy you a drink? I’d like to see how good you are at swallowing. 
  • Where in Asia are you from? I can totally see myself in ja-panties. 
  • It doesn’t matter to me what you’ve got in your pants, so long as you can take what’s in mine!
  • Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you have a pretty sweet ass!
  • Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?
  • Are you a bank loan? Because you got my interest.
  • Hey, I’m Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?
Can I buy you a drink?
best rizz pick up lines

Streamy Rizz Pick Up Lines

  • You can delete the app now, I’m here.
  • Do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?
  • There must be something wrong with my eyes—I can’t seem to take them off of you.
  • My name is [your name] but you should hear my phone number.
  • Your lips look lonely. Would they like to meet mine?
  • I’m not currently an organ donor, but I’d love to give you my heart.
  • If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise I’ll give it right back.
  • I have a phone number, you have a phone number—think of the possibilities.
  • I’ve got all these forks and knives all I need is a little spoon.
  • Your hand looks heavy, can I hold it for you?
  • I always thought happiness started with an “H” but it looks like it starts with “U.”
  • Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.
  • Did you just come out of an oven? Because you’re too hot to handle.
  • I think we’ve met before. Actually, never mind—I think it was just in my dreams.
  • I bet my number sounds nicer than yours. Wanna hear it?
  • Trust me, I’m not drunk—I’m just intoxicated by you.
  • Do you have a mirror? Because I can see us together.

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Funny Rizz Pick Up Lines

  • “I lost my phone number, can I borrow yours?”
  • “I’d love to take you out to the movies, but they don’t allow snacks.”
  • “No pen, no paper…but still, you draw my attention.”
  • “My parents told me to chase my dreams—I guess that means you better start running.”
  • “No, I’m not 14, but I’m the 1 4 you.”
  • “Don’t mind me! I’m just following my dreams.”
  • “Math is so confusing. It’s always talking about X and Y, never about U and I.”
  • “Hey, I’m Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?”
  • “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”
  • “Are you a Disney ride? Because I’d wait forever for you.”
  • “Are you Reddit stories? Because I’ll always listen to you.”
  • “I see you like tequila. Does that mean you’ll give me a shot?”
  • “Are you the school stairs? Because you take my breath away.”
  • “I don’t have any more pickup lines, but you can pick me up at 9.”

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funny rizz pick up lines

Rizz Pick Up Lines for Girls

  • Only two things can wake up my senses: you and coffee!
  • I used to think love at first sight is a theory until I saw you.
  • You make my heart skip a beat!
  • Hey, please hold me! I might fall for you any moment!
  • Do you have an extra heart? Because mine just got stolen!
  • You are so sweet that you can give direct competition to Hershey’s.
  • Do you have GPS on your cell phone? I am going to get lost in your striking eyes!
  • If you were a song, you would be the best track on my smartphone!
  • I am pretty; you are cute. Together we can make a pretty cute couple!
  • Are you a wi-fi? Because I feel a strong connection with you!
  • If I had to tell you how gorgeous you are, days and nights would pass by.
  • You are a king that reigns in my heart!
  • My heart is locked, and only you have the key to it!

Rizz Pick Up Lines for Guys

  • If being handsome was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged.
  • I think your number will be safer in my phone than in your head.
  • Let’s make a deal: I’ll cook you dinner if you cook me breakfast.
  • I’m writing an article on the finer things in life. Can I interview you?
  • Whoa, is there a firefighter around?! Because you’re smoking hot.
  • Did you invent the airplane? Because you’re clearly Mr. Wright.
  • Those are nice arms. Could I see how they would feel around me?
  • Hi, my name is [your name], but you can call me tonight or tomorrow.
  • Do you like Star Wars? Because Yoda only one for me.
  • My friends bet me I couldn’t chat up the hottest guy in the bar. Want to use their money to buy some more drinks?
  • I believe in honesty, so let me be honest: you’re the most attractive man I’ve ever seen.
  • You must be a talented thief, because you managed to steal my heart from all the way over here.
  • I had a good pickup line ready to go, but you’re so good-looking I’m literally speechless.


So there you have it – over 100 rizz pick-up lines to add some flair to your flirt game! Whether you’re looking to break the ice, make someone smile, or simply have a good time, these lines are perfect for any occasion.

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What is the basic rizz?

Rizz is all about having a confident, authentic charm that attracts potential partners.

How do you flirt with a girl on one line?

1. You can delete the app now, I’m here.
2. There must be something wrong with my eyes—I can’t seem to take them off of you.
3. My name is [your name] but you should hear my phone number.
4. Your lips look lonely. ..

What lines to make a girl blush?

1. You have the most stunning eyes I’ve ever seen.
2. Your smile is unique and captivating.
3. I love how your laugh sounds; it is genuine and contagious.
4. You have a fantastic sense of style.

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