how to unhide a facebook post

How to Unhide a Facebook Post?

Have you ever wanted to bring back that cherished Facebook post you unintentionally hid from your timeline? In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to unhide a Facebook post. Whether it’s a special memory or an important update, learn how to effortlessly make them visible to your friends and followers.

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✦ Learn how to unhide posts on Facebook Timeline

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✦ Steps to unhide posts from Facebook timeline

  • Ensure the Facebook app is downloaded and you are logged in
  • Open the app, navigate to the tab bar and locate the ‘home’ or ‘Friends’ option

✦ Navigate to Settings to unhide posts on Facebook Timeline

  • Find the settings by tapping on the gear icon on the right menu
  • Scroll down to locate the options, but they may vary due to constant updates

✦ Access Activity Log to unhide posts from Facebook Timeline.

  • Activity Log is located under your profile’s activity section.
  • Activity Log includes connections, personal information, security, and all your activity details.

✦ View and manage all your Facebook activity.

  • Explore comments, reactions, posts, tags, saved items, and messenger conversations.
  • Click on ‘Post’ to see more options such as managing your activity settings.

✦ Access hidden Facebook posts on profile

  • Access all removed or hidden posts from your profile.
  • Use the filter to view and manage hidden items on your timeline.

✦ Unhiding posts on Facebook Timeline

  • Click on the three dots to access hidden posts and change visibility settings to public or friends.
  • Section for unhiding posts can be found in settings.

✦ Customizing Facebook timeline posts for user preference.

  • Changing post visibility settings ensures posts display as desired.
  • Engagement options like thumbs up and subscribe for future content.


Unveiling hidden Facebook posts is a quick and valuable procedure to share significant memories or announcements with your audience. Take charge of your timeline visibility and ensure your posts reach the right eyes. Mastering these steps can enhance engagement and keep your timeline lively and engaging for all your connections.

FAQs How to Unhide a Facebook Post

How do I unhide posts on my Facebook timeline?

To unhide posts on your Facebook timeline, navigate to your activity log, find the hidden posts section, and then adjust the visibility settings to make them visible again.

Can I unhide multiple posts at once on Facebook?

Facebook does not currently provide an option to unhide multiple posts simultaneously. You will need to individually unhide each post from your timeline.

Will unhiding a post notify my friends on Facebook?

No, unhiding a post on Facebook does not trigger a notification to your friends. The post will simply reappear on your timeline without any alerts.

How do I check if I have any hidden posts on my Facebook timeline?

To check for hidden posts on your Facebook timeline, access your profile’s activity log and navigate to the hidden posts section to review and unhide any concealed posts.

Can I customize the visibility settings of unhid posts on Facebook?

Yes, after unhiding a post on Facebook, you can customize its visibility settings to make it visible to the desired audience, whether public, friends or a custom list.

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