25+ ChatGPT Prompts for HR

25+ ChatGPT Prompts for HR that Reduce Your Work

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is upon us. From virtual assistants to driverless cars, AI is changing the game. But what about Human Resources (HR)? Here’s where ChatGPT Prompts for HR come into play.

How can ChatGPT help HR?

Implementing ChatGPT prompts in HR isn’t a Herculean task. With the right training and a thorough understanding of its functionalities, it can be smoothly integrated into the HR landscape.

  1. Act like a researcher. Give me a list of keywords for a job description I will provide you with that I can use to find a candidate for the position. Act like an expert in this field, include additional keywords that may not be in the job description
  2. I will give you a job description and you will write an email trying to engage a candidate. Start with their potential interests in career growth, then present the opportunity. Outline the benefits and potential, be convincing. Use industry terminology. Be brief, do not use unnecessary words. Be friendly. Use call-to-action, add a sense of urgency.
  3. I need to you to write two different emails of similar content to a candidate who is on our shortlist for a job. We are pausing hiring for the role but I want to keep them keen on our organisation because we might want to hire them in several weeks time. I want you to ask me about something that they were very good at during the interview process so far, so that you can include that in your responses.
  4. Make a detailed case against having OKR’s in my organisation.
  5. Write an email that will be sent to a small group of people in my organisation. I am a Recruiter and I need to ask the existing team members what they appreciate about the culture specific to the team. You should try and understand from these people what value they think is most practiced in their small team. You want to invite open and honest communication for the purposes of helping candidates understand if they would be a great fit for the role we are hiring for. The email should be precise and ask for specifics. You should also ask about what kind of competencies or behaviors would be a great addition to the team.
  6. Our organisation has a value for innovation, but so do a lot of our peers in the banking sector. I would like you to research how companies talk about innovation and how we might talk differently about innovation at our company. We want to stand out. I would like you to suggest 5 ways in which we might use different perspectives, words or examples in explaining how we are different.
  7. I am hesitant to give direct feedback to someone but I know that I need to give feedback to them. I think I know how to deliver the feedback, but I was hoping you could me prepare for the conversation by giving me 10 scenarios whereby the person might challenge my feedback. I would like to practice using these 10 examples. Please make them specific.
  8. A direct report of mine has no management experience but they want to have a development plan that gives them as much exposure to management as possible. I am supportive of this. Can you come up with 20 things that we might do together, or they might do for themselves, to quickly and deeply understand the requirements of a management role?
  9. I would like you to help me with some development plans for someone on my team, I am going to reply to you with a specific competency I would like them to be better at, can you please create a plan so that this person and I can talk about developing this competency further. The plan should have all of the following: 1. examples of why being good at this competency achieves great outcomes 2. examples of senior roles that are known to do this competency well 3. skills or capabilities that can be trained to help improve this competency 4. examples of on-the-job activities (aim for 4 of these) that we might wish to get this person to do 5. success criteria (in bullet points) for what being good at this competency looks like
  10. I am a recruiter and I have a candidate that really likes rock climbing and I want to reach out to them to draw analogies between this role that I think would be good for them and this passion of theirs. I work at Adobe and our Employment Value Proposition can be found at [adobe.com/careers ]- can you give me 5 ideas for analogies between our value proposition and rock climbing? Where you can draw on technical similarities with rock climbing.
  11. I want you to pretend that you are a consultant to my organisation. We have hired you to identify how our stated values are similar to our peers in the banking industry. Can you review them and let me know where our values are most unique? Please refer to words and phrases in the document to illustrate your points.
  12. We are going through a restructure and it is disruptive for employees, please make the pro case, in detail, about how restructures can be good for the careers of individuals. I need at least 10 ideas and I would like you to be detailed and specific about actions that the employee can take to maximise this opportunity.
  13. We are thinking about expanding to do business in Spain. I would like you to pretend that you’re a consultant that I have hired to help me understand the business environment in Spain. I want you to focus your recommendations on the implications for me as the head of HR. I am interested to know about labor laws in some detail. I don’t understand local business etiquette and language expectations. I don’t know anything about the public holidays and if they are same across the whole country. Please be detailed in your response.
  14. I am about to start my performance review for 2022, what are the 15 questions I should ask myself to really push my thinking and really understand what my performance was like last year?
  15. I want you to provide me a list of 10 or more scenarios that often happen inside a team that might cause them to voluntarily or involuntarily restructure. I would like you to make the pro and con case for each why these are good or bad for the company.
  16. I employ one person in Germany and I want to fire them, can you provide me very specific references to the local labor laws about how I might do that. Can you also create a form letter so I can instruct a german law firm to do some of this work for me?
  17. I am hiring a bartender for my club in NYC. I want you to write a job description that appeals to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality of ESFP. (People identified with ESFP personality type tend to do well in this role.) I also want you to list 15 interview questions that will help me verify that the candidate I interview has such traits. Include questions that would dissuade them from accepting the role because it goes against the ESFP personality type.
  18. I want you to create a document that I can use to interview someone in our organisation who is hiring for a new Sales Leader. I want to deeply understand what they are looking for in the role. I want to understand what the best people in their current team do to be high performers. I would like to know what high performers do differently to core performers. I want to use this information to ensure that we hire great candidates in to this team so that they can hit their targets this year. I also want the document to help understand the sales leaders coaching style and give them the opportunity to be very specific about their strengths as a manager and how they intend to support the new hire.
  19. Can you write a brainstorming template that I can send to an employee where they can think about what roles they want in the future, what skills they have and what development they might be able to do on the job to help them advance their career. give them lots of space and prompt with detailed questions that will help them think through their career plan.
  20. I want a direct report of mine to develop their skills for a specific competency. You will make a development plan for us both, focusing only on on-the-job activities that they can do. You will need to ask me what that competency is in your information gathering. You can ask me any questions that might help make this a better development plan. I would like you to be very specific in your recommendations about what they need to do to improve the competency. I need 5 or more suggestions for activities, for each activity I want you to explain why this is a good activity and then I want you to provide a detailed rubric for how I might evaluate their performance for this activity. Are you ready?
  21. I want you to pretend you are a consultant that helps with organisational design. Specifically I want you to brainstorm 5 or more examples of consistent job-titling nomenclatures, so I can use them across our organisation of 2,000 people.
  22. Write a brief LinkedIn outreach message for a B2B Sales Director with several years of experience building sales teams and implementing go-to-market strategies for fintech startup.
  23. If I post a job description, can you let me if there are any problematic words I am using that would discourage any particular demographic of applicants to apply?
  24. I want you to write 3 different rejection emails to a candidate that has applied for a job with us. To get your information, I want you to ask me
  25. what competencies we saw them strong in, what we appreciated about their application, and what we saw in the final candidates that we did not see during the process with them. You want the candidate to feel like you really saw their strengths. OK?

The Pros and Cons of ChatGPT Prompts for HR

As with any technology, it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a quick rundown for ChatGPT Prompts for HR:


  • Saves time by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Enhances employee experience with quick, accurate responses.
  • Allows HR to focus on strategic work.


  • Requires careful setup and programming to ensure accurate responses.
  • Needs regular updating and monitoring to maintain relevance and accuracy.

In this era of digitization and AI, it’s time for HR to take a leap forward. By harnessing ChatGPT Prompts for HR, HR professionals can not only streamline their processes but also enhance their strategic capabilities. It’s not just a new tool—it’s a new frontier in HR management.

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FAQs about ChatGPT prompts for HR

What are ChatGPT Prompts for HR?

ChatGPT Prompts for HR are specific instructions or queries given to the AI to help automate and streamline HR processes.

How can ChatGPT enhance the recruitment process?

ChatGPT can scan applications and highlight promising ones, saving HR time and effort.

Can ChatGPT replace HR professionals?

No, it’s a tool to assist HR professionals, not replace them. It can handle repetitive tasks, freeing up HR for more strategic work.

Is it difficult to implement ChatGPT Prompts for HR?

With the right training and understanding of the AI’s capabilities, it can be smoothly integrated into the HR landscape.

What are the drawbacks of using ChatGPT in HR?

It requires careful setup and regular updating to ensure accuracy and relevance of responses.

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