Top 13 Best AI Chrome Extensions That Will Save You Time

Top 13 Best AI Chrome Extensions That Will Save You Time

Not everything in the AI world is about ChatGPT. That’s why we’re showing you a collection of top-notch AI extensions crafted specifically for Google Chrome. 

These extensions are fully compatible with the most popular browser worldwide, as well as other Chromium-based options. 

They blend in with your browsing experience, providing easy access to a variety of AI services right from your Chrome browser toolbar. And that is just with just a simple click!

If Google Chrome is your browser and you want to supercharge it with AI new powers, you’re in the right place. Keep on reading to find out how!

What is a Chrome extension?

First, let’s break down what extensions are. Despite sounding complex, they’re basically apps that help you with extra functions while you’re browsing on the Internet.

When you first get Chrome on your computer, tablet, or phone, you usually just go for the basics, like YouTube. But there are tons of other apps you may add to make Chrome work better for you.

Some of these are AI Chrome extensions, which use artificial intelligence to do even cooler things. While there are extensions for almost anything you can think of (including the ones powered by AI), it’s smart not to go crazy with downloading them all at once. Stick to the ones you’ll actually use to keep things neat and tidy.

Key benefits of AI Chrome extensions

Artificial intelligence is increasingly shaping our everyday life, and Chrome stands out for its adaptability.

That perfect match translates into plenty of AI extensions to choose from. These tools help you improve your browsing experience, manage tasks more efficiently, summarize information, improve security and many more.

Here are the main benefits of AI tools for browsers:

  • Boost productivity: Automate tasks like password management, form filling, and content summarization to free up time for more important activities, enhancing productivity.
  • Streamline research and analysis: AI extensions simplify research by summarizing articles and extracting relevant data efficiently. They also aid in compressing scientific documents for analysis.
  • Enhance security: Leveraging machine learning algorithms, these add-ons offer enhanced protection against online security threats, ensuring safer browsing.
  • Efficient grammar correction and translation: AI-powered grammar correctors swiftly identify errors, adapting to various languages and optimizing text translation for natural readability.

With these AI tools integrated into Chrome, users simply enjoy a more efficient and safe browsing experience.

Top 13 best AI Chrome extensions

The browser’s extension store is packed with tools designed to make your online life easier, whether you’re working, studying, or doing business. 

Check out our list of top Chrome extensions chosen for their practicality:

1. Arvin AI

If you are looking for the ultimate writing tool, Arvin is one of the finest options available!

It is not just another AI writing app. It is a game-changer that allows you to do pretty much anything you may need when writing. Brainstorm ideas, craft outlines or improve the overall writing process. 

Gone are the times when you would have to face the infamous writer’s block. With Arvin you may get amazing content which is also optimized for SEO. By default, it will enhance your texts in the eyes of search engines, too.

There is one more feature that makes Arvin worth your while: it provides tailor-made feedback and suggestions, which will also refine your writing skills. Powered by GPT-4, it really makes a solid difference if you are looking for top-tier performance while creating content.

2. ChatGPT for Chrome

This exclusive Chrome extension, aptly named, integrates ChatGPT into your browser. 

Developed using the official OpenAI API, it offers some powerful features. Keep in mind that to use it, you’ll need an OpenAI account.

When you’re browsing on Google, along with your regular search results, you’ll also see a ChatGPT response window. Plus, there’s a handy pop-up that lets you use ChatGPT whenever you need it for any inquiry.

3. Grammarly

If you’re aiming to enhance your writing skills, look no further than this extension.

Grammarly uses natural language processing to analyze and improve your writing, helping you with grammar and structure.

The beauty of this service is that it offers extensions for nearly all browsers, including:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Firefox

The free plan covers basic suggestions and tone detection, with additional features available in paid-for plans.

With Grammarly for Google Chrome, you get real-time suggestions highlighted with color-coded underlines. For instance, spelling and punctuation errors are marked with a red underline, while blue underlines indicate suggestions for rephrasing sentences.

4. Sider

Sider Chrome extension is your key tool for various tasks like generating summaries, translating, asking research questions, finding similar pages, and more, all without leaving your current website.

This handy add-on sits in the bottom right corner of your browser for easy access. You can also open it anytime using Control + P keys, and it pops up automatically when you highlight text.

There are three subscription plans for the Sider extension:

  • Free: Offers up to 30 queries per day and analyzes chat from 8 PDF files of up to 200 pages each.
  • Monthly plan ($10): Allows up to 3000 queries with GPT3.5, 20 queries with GPT4.0, and scans up to 50 files of 2000 pages each per day.
  • Annual plan ($100): Provides up to 3,000 queries with GPT3.5, 40 queries with GPT4.0, and scans up to 50 files of 2000 pages each per day.


Here’s another browser extension designed to transcribe your video conference meetings and general chats. It converts your conversations into text, making it easier to identify speakers and edit the text.

This service is available as both mobile apps and a Chrome extension. 

The free version allows transcribing 300 minutes per month, with a limit of 30 minutes per conversation. But there are also paid versions offering higher limits and additional features.

6. Copyleaks

We’re stepping into an era where discerning between human-written and AI-generated content becomes challenging

That’s why, many websites, groups, and forums risk being inundated with low-quality content.

Copyleaks comes to the rescue by helping you identify the content’s origin, unlike tools such as ChatGPT. Simply select a text, click the icon, and it delivers its verdict.

7. Compose AI

This free extension is exclusive to Google Chrome, but it’s a gem for writers. Compose AI helps you with various writing tasks.

It can compose different types of text, fill in incomplete sentences, or simplify complex ones. Plus, it can even draft or respond to emails automatically, learning from your writing style along the way.

8. Jasper

Jasper is your go-to extension if you are a marketer!

As your AI writing assistant, it offers a wide range of functions you’ll love, such as text correction, plagiarism and grammar checker, and many more. It is also capable of creating different types of content, which comes in handy if you use social media or write a lot of e-mails. 

For that, it has more than 60 templates available. You may customize as much as you want, too!

Since it is powered by GPT-3, Jasper will get you quite amazing results. The catch? It’s a paid for service. So after the trial, you’ll have to purchase it if you want to use it regularly.

9. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a handy Chrome extension that combines the capabilities of ChatGPT with the might of Google. 

Need quick answers? Just reach out to Perplexity AI, and it’ll swiftly scour the web to provide you with solutions.

Here’s a rundown of some key features of this powerful extension:

  • Post any question from your toolbar and receive prompt answers with cited sources.
  • Get instant summaries of web pages you’re currently viewing.
  • Ask questions related to the content of your current page.
  • Pose queries focused on your current website domain.
  • Ask follow-up questions regarding your current page or domain.

What sets Perplexity AI apart is its ability to provide domain-specific answers, unlike ChatGPT, which offers more generalized responses. It achieves this by referencing multiple web pages from the same domain.

10. Wiseone

Imagine effortlessly learning about any topic simply by reading online. 

That’s where Wiseone comes in. As you browse articles, blogs, or web pages, Wiseone uses its natural language processing to analyze and grasp the content. Then, it provides you with a clear and concise explanation of the topic, making it easy for you to understand without much effort.

Wiseone is particularly handy for getting around challenging subjects. It breaks down complex information into smaller, digestible sections and explains each part in a simple manner. 

With this tool, you don’t need to be an expert to grasp a topic. Wiseone will help you understand and learn about it effortlessly.

11. Quillbot

Quillbot simplifies text rewriting and grammar correction, making it easy and efficient. 

Using advanced technology, it understands your text and creates a new version that maintains the same meaning but in a fresh way.

In addition to rewriting, Quillbot corrects grammar and punctuation, suggests synonyms, and adjusts tone. It’s free and easy to use, ideal for improving writing quality for school, work, or presentations.

12. Eesel

Are you fed up with spending ages organizing your work documents in Google Docs? Meet Eesel, a Chrome extension powered by artificial intelligence that does the organizing for you in a new tab.

This handy tool scans your documents and sorts them into categories, saving you the hassle of manual searches. 

The best part? It’s completely free and respects your privacy. Unlike other tools that collect and sell your personal data, Eesel is open source and doesn’t gather your information.

As an extra, Eesel not only organizes your documents but also provides access to your favorite work tools right from your new tab. This means you can log in to your email accounts, calendars, and other work applications directly through Eesel.

13. ContentBot

ContentBot offers writers a range of features to create excellent content effortlessly. Its blog post generator uses natural language processing to produce original content within seconds. 

The last one is ContentBot, a powerful blog post generator that may create pretty amazing content for you. It features natural language processing, which very much looks like writing with a human touch.

On top of that, ContentBot may go as far as to get you topic suggestions based on keywords you feed it. A true source of inspiration for your blog!

Beyond that, it also has the capability of paraphrasing content, rewriting text snippets to avoid plagiarism checkers. It may also write introductions for articles that will catch the attention of the reader from the get-go.

Looking for a powerful AI Chrome extension that will boost your productivity?

AI extensions for Chrome are all about efficiency. No matter what the task ahead is: with these AI writing tools you can get more done, and faster

Of course, out of all these extensions, Arvin shines as the top choice for writers, office workers, students, content creators, teachers, you name it!

Powered by GPT-4, it goes beyond the basics. It can help you with real-time translation, content creation, image generation, and more. It’s a comprehensive solution tailored to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. 

What are you waiting for to try it?


Can AI Chrome extensions impact browser performance?

When using AI-heavy extensions, your browser’s performance can take a hit due to increased memory and processing demands. 

It’s important to monitor your browser’s speed and be prepared to disable any extensions causing noticeable slowdowns. Regularly clearing your browser’s cache and tweaking its settings can also contribute to smoother browsing.

How do I install an AI Chrome extension?

To install an AI Chrome Extension, begin by opening the Chrome Web Store. There, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. 

Once you’ve found the right one, click on it to learn more. If it fits what you need, just hit ‘Add to Chrome’. 

Follow the simple steps that appear on your screen to finish installing it. After installation, you’ll usually spot the extension in your browser’s toolbar or extension menu, all set for whenever you want to use it. Don’t forget to check out the extension’s settings to tailor it to your liking.

Are AI Chrome extensions safe to use?

Generally, AI Chrome Extensions from trusted sources are safe to use. Yet, it’s wise to glance through reviews and permissions before hitting that install button.

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