Sora AI Alternatives

4 Sora AI Alternatives for Text-to-Video

Looking for Sora AI Alternatives? We have a list of incredible tools you can use.

OpenAI has recently introduced Sora, a text to video AI model. It has unveiled the capabilities of the model along with some captivating video results generated by simple text prompts.

Sora can turn your imagination and ideas into reality, and it could revolutionize the video-making and content-creation industry. However, it is still in the development and testing phase. It hasn’t been released to the public yet.

Fortunately, there are many Sora AI alternatives you can use to turn text into mesmerizing videos. We have handpicked some of the best tools you can use to empower your creativity.

1) Synthesia

Pricing: Starts at $22 per month

Synthesia is a text to video AI generator that you can use in place of OpenAI Sora. It can turn your text inputs into captivating videos, and that too within minutes.

You only need to provide the script, which can also be generated using a link or document. It turns your script into a relevant video. After that, you can customize everything according to your needs, from avatar to font to video layout.

If you are struggling with creating scripts and brainstorming ideas, you can use Arvin. It’s a ChatGPT-powered browser extension for generating text and images. It’s a free AI content generator you can use for almost any purpose.

Synthesia offers 160+ AI avatars to target different audiences. You can also create a custom avatar of your choice. Not only the video, but Synthesia also generates voiceovers in 130+ languages.

You can collaborate with your team on the AI video and create a perfect video for sales, customer service, education, information, marketing, or any other purpose.

Sora AI alternatives - Synthesia


  • Offers 160+ avatars and 130+ languages
  • Hundreds of templates to get started without any hassle
  • Clones your voice and helps you create a custom avatar
  • Provides a complete video editing platform to make video ready for posting


  • The movement and expressions of avatars reveal the use of AI
  • Limited video editing tools


Pricing: Starts at $24 per month

DEEPBRAIN AI is an AI-powered video creation tool. It can convert your text to video and speech with utmost accuracy and minimal effort.

With this text to video tool, you can create instant videos for different purposes, including news, training, business, marketing, education, commerce, etc. It relieves your burden and creates quality videos in minutes.

Along with the video, you can generate voiceovers. It supports 80+ languages and offers you 100+ voice options. There are hundreds of avatars to choose from, and you can create awesome videos with one click.

DEEPBRAIN AI uses ChatGPT to take video content creation to the next level. You can write scripts, check for errors, brainstorm ideas, use documents, etc. After generating an AI video, it can be edited directly in the browser.

Sora AI alternatives - Deepbrain


  • Built-in video editor for quick editing
  • Integration of ChatGPT to make content creation easier
  • Readymade templates to save time
  • Creates videos for almost any platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok


  • The avatars don’t perfectly blend in the video. It looks like they are pasted or placed over the video with poor editing
  • The movement of avatars also seems a bit unrealistic

3) RunwayML

Pricing: Starts at $12 per month

Runway is a popular name in AI research. It has harnessed the power of AI to boost human creativity and give new heights to art and entertainment. One of the Sora AI Alternatives you’ll never regret buying.

It offers a ton of AI-powered tools, including text to video, video to video, image to video, etc. A complete suite of creative tools to turn ideas into reality. It is intelligent enough to understand human language and offer accurate pictorial and video representation.

Runway’s research brings new updates to the tool. It is getting better with time and could compete with Sora video generation.

Sora AI alternatives - Runway


  • Offers accurate results of your prompts
  • A complete suite of tools to generate videos, images, etc.
  • You can upload images, videos, and other data to get the video you need


  • Videos and images resemble animated and AI production
  • No video editing tools

4) InVideo

Pricing: Starts at $20 per month

InVideo is an online video editor that has introduced an incredible text to video AI generator. It can generate videos from your text prompts.

You only need to explain the topic, and the AI generates a video script, scenes, voiceovers, and everything required to create an engaging video. Within minutes, your video will be ready. You can then use the InVideo editor to edit it to perfection. You can also create human voiceovers that sound natural.

The video generator understands your audience, feel in the video, publishing platform, and other details. It creates videos that match your needs. The best part is that if you need any changes in the video, you can give text commands. The AI will delete scenes, add more frames, adjust tone, and do anything you want.

You can collaborate with your team members in real-time. Work together and incorporate feedback without any hassle.

Sora AI alternatives - Invideo


  • A complete tool for text to video generation, video editing, and voiceovers
  • 16mn+ stock media for AI video generation
  • Creates videos for different platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Tons of styles to choose from
  • Available for iPhones and iPads


  • Limited customization options


Is OpenAI Sora available?

OpenAI Sora is not released to the public. It has been offered to selected designers, filmmakers, and professionals to evaluate the tool and gather their feedback. It is still in the development phase and testing phase.

When will Sora AI be available?

OpenAI has not specifically announced the date of OpenAI Sora release. However, it will be available to the public in 2024. It will be released after making the improvements.

What’s the best Sora AI alternative?

The best Sora AI alternative you can use is Synthesia. The next option could be DEEPBRAIN AI. These two tools are incredible.

How to generate content for Open AI Sora Alternatives?

Arvin AI Art

You can use Arvin. It is a ChatGPT-powered browser extension. You can chat with it on any webpage. It helps in researching, generating content & images, translation, summaries, and almost anything. It can instantly create scripts and ideas for videos.

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