how to create set ad copy that converts

How to Create SEM Ad Copy that Converts?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) brings your website to the top of the search results without SEO and any wait. However, it involves a significant investment, eventually demanding a decent conversion.

sem ad copy

An SEM ad copy contains a heading and minimal text, which is why compelling a massive audience to click and convert becomes extremely difficult. You have to play with the right words to make your marketing campaign successful.

In this article, we will dive into the secrets of creating a powerful SEM ad copy that earns clicks and substantial conversion. We will harness the power of AI to automate SEM ad copies and improve conversions.

Components of an SEM Ad Copy

Understanding the components of an SEM ad copy is essential. Marketers must know how to use these components to maximize the results.

An SEM ad copy consists of the following main components:

Headline (30 characters): The most visible and attractive component. It is the first thing that searchers see, so it should give a good impression and compel users to read the description and click the link. It should concisely and clearly convey what the web page is all about and incorporate the primary keyword.

Description (90 characters): It offers more information about the headline. It’s where you need to show the benefits, solutions, urgency, and CTA.

CTA: A CTA reminds or compels readers to take the desired action. It is not mandatory, and in some cases, it is required. However, a CTA can sometimes increase the click-through rate (CTR), the ratio of clicks and impressions.

URL: The URL does not convey any information. However, inserting the keyword in the URL or picking the right words can catch the attention of the readers and search engines. Secondly, it gives a hint of the content on the web page.

Extensions: Ad extensions are like sitelinks—links from the same domain. It increases the area of the ad and is a great place for inserting relevant pages with a short phrase description. If the searcher is looking for a specific web page of the service, such as pricing, he can click the specific page directly.

components of an sem ad copy

Ways to Get High Conversions with SEM Ad Copies

Plan Your SEM Ad Copy

A highly converting SEM ad copy starts with planning. Understand your audience and their search intent. Plan how to position your brand, service, or product with its benefits and unique selling propositions (USPs).

At the same time, keep an eye on your competitors. Look at their actions and how you can create ads differently to stand out. This planning helps align your ad copy with your goals and audience.

Use Keywords

Adding keywords in the headline and description is important. When searchers look for the exact or relevant keyword in your copy, they are more likely to click it.

Use Google’s Keyword Planner or any other tool to choose your niche’s best keywords. It helps in making the copy according to the search intent.

sem keywords

Concise and Skimmable

The characters in SEM ad copy are limited, so cutting the fluff is essential. Convey the message in concise language to optimize the ad space.

Secondly, the copy should be skimmable to grab the viewer’s attention. Highlight important keywords in bold. Use short sentences and simple words.

Understand Search Intent

It’s crucial to understand what the searcher is looking for to craft the ad copy accordingly.

For instance, if the searcher is looking for “Best running sneakers,” you should explain what the user will get after clicking the web page. It should be a list of hand-picked running sneakers that offer the best performance, comfort, and durability.

Write headlines and descriptions according to the search intent and convince the viewers they will get what they want.

Show Benefits

Viewers are attracted to the benefits of the brand, service, or product. In simple and concise words, show the benefits they will get, such as discounts, high quality, etc. Explain how the product solves any problem or offers what the searcher needs.

show benefits of your product

Insert a Strong CTA

The CTA at the end of the ad copy reminds users what to do, such as “Download,” “Sign Up,” “Get Started,” “Buy Now,” etc. It directs users to take the action.

Test and Improve

After crafting a compelling, concise, and powerful copy, it is time to test. Your first copy might not be perfect and get the desired results. You have to perform A/B testing by creating multiple variants of the ads to know which one is performing better.

How to Create SEM Ad Copy with AI–Arvin

AI content generators can help brainstorm unique and attractive ideas for creating a highly converting SEM ad copy. They tackle writer’s block and save time for more productive tasks.

Arvin is an AI browser extension powered by GPT-4. It is ideal for creating incredible SEM ad copies attractive enough to bring excellent conversions and clicks.

arvin screenshot

You can chat with Arvin on any web page and explain your needs. Be specific and detailed as possible to get a tailored outcome for your business.

Let’s use Arvin to create some Google Ads copies for an imaginary chocolate brand that sells special chocolates for Valentine’s Day and offers up to a 14% discount in February.

We created multiple catchy headlines for a Google Ads copy. Here’s the result:

arvin creating google ads headlines

Arvin shared five ideas for headlines, and we can also generate more. Let’s create catchy descriptions for Headline 4.

arvin writing google ads descriptions

We got four descriptions for Headline 4. We can use any of them for the SEM ad copy and make minor changes where required.

By using Arvin, you can generate multiple ad copies in seconds. You can tailor everything according to your brand voice and needs. Just chat with Arvin and explain what you need. The more detailed and specific you are, the better results you get.

Let’s create ten Ad copies to get more ideas. This time, we will also include a CTA.

arvin creating google ad copies

Creating a highly converting SEM ad is extremely simple with Arvin. Your SEM ad copies are just a few clicks away. Download the free Arvin extension and create ad copies in no time.


How do you write an SEM copy?

For writing a power SEM ad copy, you need to plan. Look for the keywords, check competitors, and understand the target audience. Then, write concise, skimmable, and clear headings and descriptions and show the benefits of your product, service, or brand. Add a CTA to compel viewers to take the desired action.

What is the AI tool to generate ad copy?  

You can use Arvin to generate ad copies for any platform, including Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. Explain your business and specify the details. It will share headline and description ideas you can use.

How long is an ad copy?

Google Ads headline can be up to 30 characters and description up to 90 characters.

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