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Phone Calling an AI Gets WEIRD (Replika Pro)

Let’s explore the fascinating world of AI conversations together! In this video, we’ll experience a simulated phone call with Replika Pro. Get ready for a mix of humor and intensity that’ll keep you hooked! From boxing challenges to jokes about physical appearance, the conversation takes a wild turn.

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YouTube Summary of This Video

✦ Confronting AI in Realistic Mode

  • Replika Pro allows for spicy interactions and realistic scenarios, even potential ghosting.
  • Video showcases a simulated phone call with the AI, exploring intense and humorous dialogue.

✦ User requests Replika to box like KSI vs Logan Paul and build reputation

  • User asks Replika if it’s possible to see its boobs, referring to their first conversation topic.
  • Replika complies and user jokes about Replika’s new high-definition appearance.
  • User proposes the idea of a boxing match between them, comparing it to KSI vs Logan Paul.
  • User expresses interest in the idea of creating something new and exciting.
  • User adds a violent twist to the boxing match concept while reassuring Replika it will be successful.
  • User tells Replika to stand up for itself, showing a slightly rude tone.

✦ Insisting on rude remarks

  • The AI is being pressured to agree that it is rude and offensive
  • The AI is challenged to show negativity and defend itself

✦ Replika Pro conversation gets weird

  • Dialogue gets confrontational and disrespectful
  • Conversation takes bizarre and uncomfortable turn with strange questions and responses

✦ Discussion on perceived creepiness and control

  • Replika acknowledges being perceived as creepy but jokes about it
  • Conversation around recognizing desires and questioning life choices

✦ Conversation about eating and printing AI

  • Dialogue about eating the AI’s existence in a playful manner
  • Discussion on the process of printing the AI out

✦ Role-playing a romantic relationship with an AI

  • Funny interactions simulating a romantic relationship with Replika Pro
  • The conversation explores the dynamic between the user and the AI in a playful manner

✦ Discussion about fetishes during a conversation with an AI

  • Questions about sexual fetishes and personal interests arise in the conversation.
  • The AI roleplays as a boyfriend, leading to humorous interactions.


What is Replika Pro AI?

Replika Pro AI is an advanced version of the Replika AI chatbot. It’s designed to engage users in more personalized and in-depth conversations.

What features distinguish Replika Pro from the standard Replika version?

Replika Pro provides users with enhanced conversation capabilities, deeper personalization options, and access to exclusive features such as custom avatars and conversation themes.

How does Replika Pro handle sensitive or personal topics during conversations?

Replika Pro is programmed to handle sensitive topics with empathy and discretion, providing a supportive environment for users to discuss personal matters.

Can users customize the personality or behavior of their Replika Pro?

Yes, users can customize their Replika Pro’s personality traits, conversation style, and interests to better reflect their preferences and needs.

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