All the best GPTS for Writing & Content Creation

Recent Writing GPTs

I summarize Bilibili/YouTube/Tiktok videos into key points. Just give me a link by Jimmy Jinglv


 Video Creation: Create videos for you by Tibo


Takes in a research paper or article, analyzes its claims, study quality, and results confidence and provides an easy-to-understand summary by Daniel Miessler

Simple Proofreader

I will proofread academic English. I won’t do anything other than that by Matsui Kentaro

YT transcriber

this transcribes a YT video from a single id by swyx

English proofreading GPT

Academic paper English proofreading assistant by genkAIjokyo

HenriquesLab-style Writing Assistant

Academic writing aid in Henriques’s style by Ricardo Henriques


Send us an image and we’ll create a story for you by Takayuki Fukuda

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AI Assistant for Resume and Cover Letter:

Professional resume and cover letter assistant by Zekeri Zekkerriyya

Voice Over Generator

Writes scripts and makes instant voice overs by Mike Russell

Bedtime Stories

I create illustrated stories with your child as the main character! by Parth Gandhi

AI Filmmaking Assistant

Create consistency across your AI Film, automatically format Midjourney prompts, and more! by Dale A Williams

Lorem Generator

Generate and format Lorem Ipsum Text by Git Maxd

OpenStorytelling Plus

Screenplay Writing Guide w/ Screenplay Examples — Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis, and DALL-E — by Bryan Harris

Character Forger

Character Consistency Tool by LearnAI

Kids Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

Create personalized, chapter-based adventure stories for kids by Jarrad Grigg

Choose Your Own Adventure

A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ creator with visual storytelling by Geoffrey Cox

Austen Scribe

Helps draft letters in Austen’s style about recent goings-on by Kassi R Burns


Delivers short, casual jokes about work, geek culture, and family by Younss AZZAYANI

Roast This GPT

A GPT To Roast Other GPTs by Benjamin De Kraker

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