All the best GPTS for Storytelling & Screenplays

Recent Storytelling GPTs

OpenStorytelling Plus

An Educational Open Source Storytelling Writing Guide w/ Screenplay Examples.


Send us an image and we’ll create a story for you.

Bedtime Stories

I create illustrated stories with your child as the main character!

AI Filmmaking Assistant

Create consistency across your AI Film, automatically format Midjourney prompts, and more!

Character Forger

Character Consistency Tool.

Kids Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

Create personalized, chapter-based adventure stories for kids.

Choose Your Own Adventure

A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ creator with visual storytelling.

AI Comic Maker

A GPT to create comics using ChatGPT and DALL-E, trying to maintain consistency of characters and images.

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Language Learning - Create Short Stories to Learn any Language

2500+ word stories in the target language with images, for language learning.

Story Buddy

A creative guide to help kids build their own bedtime stories, with illustrations.

Alternative Histories

I craft and visualize ‘what if’ histories.

Film Developer

 A GPT for everything in film development, from dialogue to story, character development, to concept art.

OpenAI’s GPT powered extension to use anywhere!