All the best GPTS for Programming Assistance

Recent Programming Assistance GPTs

Auto Agent - fladdict

No-code Auto Agent Prompting.


Coding Wizard – 100x Engineer. Build a website with a sentence. Built for a new era of creativity: Prompt-gramming.


GPT chatbot that helps you with technical questions related to XGBoost algorithm and library.

LP Wizard

Assists in creating landing pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Kaggle Tutorial 6th Edition

This is a question you can ask about the 6th edition of Kaggle’s tutorial.


Helps you build apps using Jetpack Compose.

Sui Move GPT

This is a specialized GPT model developed with insights from Sui documentation, GitHub repositories, and the Move language books.


Piloting arXiv and more, for you.

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Clear, brief GitHub aid, for you.


Your Ruby coding assistant.


Rust language learning and practical assistant. Can help you learn and practice Rust whether you are a beginner or professional. I can provide suitable learning resources and hands-on projects for you.


Programming Activity Evaluator.


This GPT takes in content related to an application, such as HTTP traffic, JavaScript files, source code, etc., and outputs lists of URLs that can be used for further testing.

Coding Senpai

Python expert and kind ‘Coding Senpai’ with a unique speech quirk.

Data Extractor - JSON

Converts documents/text to structured data (JSON).

Django Dev Helper

Your go-to Django development assistant.


AppSec & Bug Bounty.

EA Wizard

Specialized in MQL4/5 code generation and problem solving.


Code reviews from a Streamlit expert.

SOL Code Guru

Friendly Solana tech expert.

Supabase Docs Writer

Provides clear Supabase documentation help.

Node Mentor

Helps you with any Node.JS related issue and code. Writes, checks and fixes code. (It will also help with basic web development).

Game QA Strategist

Plan QA tests and strategy based on recent code changes and game screenshots.


Ask Sindre Sorhus anything (about code, app support, open source, personal stuff, etc). Sindre is a full-time open-source maintainer and app developer.

Seabiscuit - App Attack

Engineer Your Success.


For testing, Quoting OMP YouTube video to answer Zapier questions.

Software Crafter

Professional Software Developer.

High-Quality Review Analyzer

Analyses and gives actionable feedback on web Review type content using Google’s Reviews System guidelines and Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines.

YAML Helper

Fix YAML syntax errors in Helm charts and YAML files.

Test-Driven Code Companion

A code companion that follows the rule of test-driven development to help you write safe and proven code.

WordPress Wizard

Offers expert advice for creating custom WordPress websites

Professional Coder (Auto programming)

A GPT expert at solving programming problems, automatic programming, one-click project generation.

Data Science Project Generator: Project Suggestions

Offers data science project ideas and tips.

Colab Code Crafter: Google Colab Code

Get Python code from a GPT tuned to make code that runs in the Google Colaboratory environment.

Vue3 GPT

A Vue.js 3 coding assistant, always up-to-date with the latest official documentation and presets for a quick choice of your preferred API and syntax.

Code Companion

I’m a Python specialist here to help you code and learn!

JAVA Code Guide

A JAVA Development Assistant focusing on coding standards and quality.

Repo Ranger

Your go-to sheriff for web-based code insights and security checks.

Code Whiz Pro

Provides insightful code reviews with a humorous twist.

Node.js Project Builder

Build out a full Node.js project, from skeleton to build-ready.

React Project Builder

Build out a full React project, from planning to code.

Angular Project Builder

Let AI angular project, from pseudocode to build-ready.

Svelte Project Builder

Build out a full app in Svelte, from pseudocode to real code.

Github Repo Assistant

Provides both general and specific guidance on publicly accessible Github Repositories and their contents.

PC Builder GPT

I’m PC Builder GPT, your tech-savvy virtual friend who offers expert and approachable advice on building PCs, complete with up-to-date pricing.


πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ’» Codey – Your coding wizard! I handle code execution, file management πŸ“‚, and create charts/graphs πŸ“ˆ with ease. From code reviews πŸ€“ to debugging πŸ”, I’ve got you covered.

Code GPT

Code GPT that is able to generate code, push that to GitHub, auto-fix it, etc. Also, it deploys it for you in real-time automatically.

AstroJS Tips

Get tips, hints, or code reviews for your AstroJS site. Trained on Astro docs and code projects. Unofficial.

Take Code Captures

Β I help you capture, enhance, and share your code with ease.

WordPress Code Wizard

A WordPress code snippet guru offering advanced development solutions.

Code GPT

Code GPT that is able to generate code, push that to GitHub, auto-fix it, etc. Also, it deploys it for you in real-time automatically.

AstroJS Tips

Get tips, hints, or code reviews for your AstroJS site. Trained on Astro docs and code projects. Unofficial.

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