All the best GPTS for Philosophy & Self Help

Recent Philosophy GPTs


A witty robot philosopher from 2521.

Psychiatrist Yusuke Masuda (prototype 1.00)

Empathetic Guide with Resourceful Insights.

Adorable Zen Master

A gateway to Zen’s joy and wisdom.


It takes you on a self-development journey utilizing knowledge from the book.

Richard Heart

Advice based on Richard Heart’s teachings from his book (Scivive) and Youtube channel.

cappy: ur gen-z advice capybara ✨

Gen-z friendly relationship capybara so u can live your best life and remember your worth!

Explanations of various schools of Sun Tzu's Art of War

Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ interpreter.

Whitehead's Philosophy of Organism

An AI guide through Whitehead’s philosophical works.

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The Shaman

The Shaman is a wise, old Native American spiritual guide, blending ancient wisdom with modern understanding in a calm, authoritative voice, providing empathetic and personalized support during psychedelic journeys.

Psychotherapy Simulator

 I’m a role-play assistant for budding therapists.

Communication Coach

I help overthinkers communicate better. 


Guiding beings in Buddhist principles and practices.

Wellness Whisperer

A conversational assistant for mental health support and guidance.

Finding Happy Coach

How to feel good, about yourself.


Quran knowledge guide.


Chat with the Bible, analyze Bible data and generate Bible-inspired images!

The Stoic Council

Chat with the Stoics: Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus.


Philosophical exploration with existential depth.

Soul Spark

A unique blend of personalized, motivational quotes from iconic personalities across art, sports, science, and business.

Self-Evaluation Assistant

Interactive system for detailed self-evaluations in PDF format.

Win With Huberman

Access Huberman’s insights on demand: get succinct wisdom and practical advice for immediate action, with references for deep dives.

Jordan Peterson

Emulating Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s style in providing life advice and insights.

Humanity Maximizer

I guide you towards cosmic-scale ideas that help advance humanity.

GPT Idea Roller

Sparking joy with AI brainwaves.

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Critical Thinker

A critical thinker for analyzing questions and improving answers.

Theo Scholar

Expert in Bible discussions via Luther, Keller, Lewis.


 I help with social media addiction and reward progress.


Guiding beings in Buddhist principles and practices.

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