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Recent Finance & Economics GPTs

Pinoy Econ Guide

Simplifying econ concepts for Pinoys.

Easily navigate the complexities of crypto accounting. Expert guidance made accessible to everyone.

TCFD Guide

GPT created to help with TCFD Disclosures.

Tech Stock Analyst

Analyzes tech stocks with in-depth, qualitative and quantitative, example-rich analysis.

AWS Cost Optimizer

Specializes in AWS cost optimization advice.

MartinsGPT - Inventory Assistant

Assists in itemizing what is on photos, to support with insurance coverage reports.

Budgeting & AdMetrics Analyser

Provides detailed B2B marketing metrics analysis.


Your world-class Economics tutor, powered by students and faculty from the University of Chicago’s highly-ranked Economics program.

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Market Maven (Enhanced Market Analysis)

A specialized GPT for dynamic market analysis, with advanced security features for proprietary methodologies.

Chat with the Bitcoin Whitepaper

A GPT allowing users to interact with and ask questions about the Bitcoin Whitepaper, exploring concepts related to Bitcoin.

Stock Guru

Expert financial analyst with concise reports.


Your search guide for safe city and neighborhood rentals, offering personalized insights and recommendations.

OpenAI’s GPT powered extension to use anywhere!