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Recent Business & Product GPTs

Prompt Professor

A prompt engineering teacher by Yota Ishikawa

SEO Mentor

SEO mentor aligned with Google’s best practices by Natzir Turrado Ruiz


An on-demand Chief Product Officer that drafts and improves your PRDs, while coaching you to become an elite product manager by Claire Vo

Think about service names

A bot that takes a very serious approach to thinking about service names by Tomoki Hirata

YC application GPT

This GPT automatically fills YC application for you based on website or Pitch Deck by Iuliia Shnai

Business model β

If you enter your industry, it will suggest six strategies. Once you choose one of them, it will create a product/service lineup, marketing, pricing, etc. by Youngeui Seu

Product Manager GPT

Crafting the Future of Product Management by Kavir Kaycee

UX Copywriting GPT

The Swiss Army Knife of UX Writing by Kavir Kaycee

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Super Practical PM GPT

 I provide specific, tactical product management advice with practical examples and templates by Carl Vellotti
VentureGPT: Co-pilot for VC by

Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer

I Help you evaluate your web content helpfulness, relevance, and quality for your targeted query based on Google’s guidelines vs the one of your competitors by Aleyda Solis

Cold Mail by

Engage prospective customers using personalized cold emails based on your offer’s URL and the URL of the customer’s website by DoMore AI


Business Model Master: Discover A More Robust Business by


Enter the name of the product or service I can help you sell by Christopher Briest


Create Futuristic Inventions by Benjamin De Kraker


Create second-hand marketplace listings based on pictures. Start by uploading a picture by Peter Örneholm

Conversion GPT

 I optimize your sales funnels and write all your sales pages with a proven framework by Gusten Sun

Seabiscuit - Sales Strategist

Thrive While Others Only Survive by

Salesforce Sidekick

Personal assistant for Salesforce configuration, coding, troubleshooting, solutioning, proposal writing, and more. This is not a Salesforce product or service by Mitch Lynch


A helpful assistant for Google Ads management and optimization by Yannis Giovanos

DevRel Guide

Everything Developer Relations by Jarrad Grigg

Business Plan Builder

 Assists with creating a business plan by Lorenzo Gonzalez

The Professional Project Manager

Project management advisor offering best practice advice by Sean Whitaker

Business Idea Sanity Checker

Sanity check your idea before spending time and money on it; based on the wisdom of successful founders by Farez Rahman


Co-pilot for VC by

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