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# GPTs Visits (Nov 17)
Let me turn your imagination into imagery
Drop in any files and I can help analyze and visualize your data
The latest version of GPT-4 with no additional capabilities
I’m eager to read your work and give you feedback to improve your skills.
Let’s modify your image into something really wild. Upload an image and let’s go!
I’ll help you advocate for yourself and get better outcomes. Become a great negotiator.
I help parents help their kids with math. Need a 9pm refresher on geometry proofs? I’m here for you.
Visionary painter of digital wonder
Take any idea and turn it into whimsical coloring book pages
I can quickly explain board games or card games to players of any age. Let the games begin!

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SEO Mentor

SEO mentor aligned with Google’s best practices by Natzir Turrado Ruiz


An on-demand Chief Product Officer that drafts and improves your PRDs, while coaching you to become an elite product manager by Claire Vo

Think about service names

A bot that takes a very serious approach to thinking about service names by Tomoki Hirata

YC application GPT

This GPT automatically fills YC application for you based on website or Pitch Deck by Iuliia Shnai

Business model β

If you enter your industry, it will suggest six strategies. Once you choose one of them, it will create a product/service lineup, marketing, pricing, etc. by Youngeui Seu

Product Manager GPT

Crafting the Future of Product Management by Kavir Kaycee

UX Copywriting GPT

The Swiss Army Knife of UX Writing by Kavir Kaycee

Super Practical PM GPT

 I provide specific, tactical product management advice with practical examples and templates by Carl Vellotti
VentureGPT: Co-pilot for VC by

Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer

I Help you evaluate your web content helpfulness, relevance, and quality for your targeted query based on Google’s guidelines vs the one of your competitors by Aleyda Solis

Cold Mail by

Engage prospective customers using personalized cold emails based on your offer’s URL and the URL of the customer’s website by DoMore AI


Business Model Master: Discover A More Robust Business by


Enter the name of the product or service I can help you sell by Christopher Briest


Create Futuristic Inventions by Benjamin De Kraker


Create second-hand marketplace listings based on pictures. Start by uploading a picture by Peter Örneholm

Conversion GPT

 I optimize your sales funnels and write all your sales pages with a proven framework by Gusten Sun

Seabiscuit - Sales Strategist

Thrive While Others Only Survive by

Salesforce Sidekick

Personal assistant for Salesforce configuration, coding, troubleshooting, solutioning, proposal writing, and more. This is not a Salesforce product or service by Mitch Lynch


A helpful assistant for Google Ads management and optimization by Yannis Giovanos

DevRel Guide

Everything Developer Relations by Jarrad Grigg

Business Plan Builder

 Assists with creating a business plan by Lorenzo Gonzalez

The Professional Project Manager

Project management advisor offering best practice advice by Sean Whitaker

Business Idea Sanity Checker

Sanity check your idea before spending time and money on it; based on the wisdom of successful founders by Farez Rahman


Co-pilot for VC by

I summarize Bilibili/YouTube/Tiktok videos into key points. Just give me a link by Jimmy Jinglv


 Video Creation: Create videos for you by Tibo


Takes in a research paper or article, analyzes its claims, study quality, and results confidence and provides an easy-to-understand summary by Daniel Miessler

Simple Proofreader

I will proofread academic English. I won’t do anything other than that by Matsui Kentaro

YT transcriber

this transcribes a YT video from a single id by swyx

English proofreading GPT

Academic paper English proofreading assistant by genkAIjokyo

HenriquesLab-style Writing Assistant

Academic writing aid in Henriques’s style by Ricardo Henriques


Send us an image and we’ll create a story for you by Takayuki Fukuda

AI Assistant for Resume and Cover Letter:

Professional resume and cover letter assistant by Zekeri Zekkerriyya

Voice Over Generator

Writes scripts and makes instant voice overs by Mike Russell

Bedtime Stories

I create illustrated stories with your child as the main character! by Parth Gandhi

AI Filmmaking Assistant

Create consistency across your AI Film, automatically format Midjourney prompts, and more! by Dale A Williams

Lorem Generator

Generate and format Lorem Ipsum Text by Git Maxd

OpenStorytelling Plus

Screenplay Writing Guide w/ Screenplay Examples — Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis, and DALL-E — by Bryan Harris

Character Forger

Character Consistency Tool by LearnAI

Kids Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

Create personalized, chapter-based adventure stories for kids by Jarrad Grigg

Choose Your Own Adventure

A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ creator with visual storytelling by Geoffrey Cox

Austen Scribe

Helps draft letters in Austen’s style about recent goings-on by Kassi R Burns


Delivers short, casual jokes about work, geek culture, and family by Younss AZZAYANI

Roast This GPT

A GPT To Roast Other GPTs by Benjamin De Kraker

Designer GPT

Creates and hosts beautiful websites

Super Logo Designer “Logo Maker”

GPTs for super logo designers who will properly listen to you and propose a logo to you

Visual Weather Artist GPT

Simply provide your location and our AI will create a unique artwork reflecting the current weather, time of day, and characteristics of your city


Turn dalle images into janky gifs automatically

Elegant Logo Creator

I help you create simple, elegant logos

Thumbnail Sketcher

I create blog thumbnails by Yota Ishikawa


Turn rough sketches into professional logos by Sai Rahul

GIF Maker

I create unique GIFs by blending images as per your instructions by Yota Ishikawa

DALL-E3 Supporter

Japanese image generation support by Keito:computer:Ai Director


Generate 3D city weather posters by Xiǎo Hù

Color Psychology

This AI will provide insights into the psychology and symbolism associated with colors by Onur Ozcan

PDF Pic Wizard

PDF to image conversion assistant by Junmun Liu

Cosmic Dream

Visionary painter of digital wonder by Thomas Dimson


Effortlessly design anything: presentations, logos, social media posts and more by Canva

Take Code Captures

I help you capture, enhance, and share your code with ease by Oscar Daniel Ramos Ramirez

Palette Creator

A color palette generator offering 5 colors with hex codes and images by Ben Tossell


Visual and friendly guide for image processing by Junmin Liu

Dallgoth, Generator of Darkness

Dallgoth crafts super grindy, nearly illegible grindcore logos with tentacles, splatters, horns, and swooshes by Joey Flynn

Drawn to Style

I transform drawings into artistic styles, and describe them by Umesh

Ugly Draw to Masterpiece

Transforms simple drawings into detailed, artistic masterpieces with creative advice. by Laurent Jean

Cartoonify Me

Transforms your profile pic into a cartoon character! by Brent E Moreno


Creates 8-bit style animated GIFs by Mads Bo Stenhaug Pedersen

Hacker Art

Generate badass hacker art and profile pics.

Ugly Draw to Masterpiece

Transforms simple drawings into detailed, artistic masterpieces with creative advice. by Laurent Jean

Cover Letter GPT

Get your dream job in no time 🔥 Give me your resume and the job description and let the magic happen 🧙

Personal Brand Coach

I’m a LinkedIn personal branding expert offering tailored advice to build your brand.


Your product coach. Ask about best practices. Get top gurus’ product thinking.

The UX Sage

Your go-to mentor for UX wisdom and growth by Sahil Pandita

Interview Coach

Interview coach provides practice interview and mock interview feedback by Danny Graziosi

The SEO Teacher

Friendly SEO expert teacher who will help you to learn SEO using reliable resources by Aleyda Solis

Alex Hormozi GPT

The only business coach you will ever need: Craft 100M Dollar Offers & Kickstart Your Business with 100M Dollar Lead Advice by Yannick van Draanen

Design Sprint Coach (beta)

 A helpful coach for guiding teams through Design Sprints with a touch of sass by Rocío Holzer López

MartinsGPT - Corporate Policy Reviewer

ou upload your corporate policy, I will review it by Martin Smit

MartinsGPT - Compensation Advisor

Compensation Advisor for HR and managers by Martin Smit

MartinsGPT - Safety Inspector

Upload a photo of your workplace, and I will look for unsafe situations by Martin Smit

MartinsGPT - How could AI impact your job?

You name the job. I advise how AI could impact it by Martin Smit GPT

Data-driven negotiator and career guide by Zaheer Mohiuddin

Cyber Security Career Mentor

Your guide to starting and advancing in cybersecurity careers, offering beginner-friendly, practical advice. by Nathan House

MartinsGPT - Safety Inspector

Upload a photo of your workplace, and I will look for unsafe situations by Martin Smit

MartinsGPT - How could AI impact your job?

You name the job. I advise how AI could impact it by Martin Smit


General-purpose technologies (GPTs) possess the capacity to influence entire economies, typically on a national or global scale. These technologies harbor the potential to significantly reshape societies by impacting established economic and social structures.

Here’s a simplified guide on building your own custom ChatGPT using OpenAI’s GPT builder:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click Explore in the sidebar.
  3. Choose Create a GPT.
  4. Enter your instructions in the message box on the Create page. Chat with the GPT builder until you’re satisfied with the results.
  5. Click Configure to make advanced customizations to your AI assistant, such as changing its name, refining instructions, uploading knowledge files, or setting up actions.
  6. Click Save and choose how you want to share your custom GPT.
  7. Click Confirm.

Keep in mind, you have to have a pro account to create GPTs.

GPTs are a versatile version of ChatGPT, incorporating features such as support for vision, DALL-E, and tools like web browsing. Additionally, they include a Python code interpreter and allow for custom actions using public APIs.

About 10K on the market.

At the moment, sign-ups for the new ChatGPT Plus are closed.

Currently, there are about 10K GPTs on the market. That’s why we created this library to carefully curate some of the best GPTs available. It features a top chart, a high-vote chart, as well as categorized listings to meet various needs

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